DoTY Lottery

Have you heard of the DOTTY LOTTERY?

The chance to win £30+ for 1st or £15+ for 2nd (depending on how many people take part each month) for just £3 a month you get the opportunity to turn this £3 into even more money. The number you choose is your number for life! So why not join in the fun each month and contact our Acting Treasurer Nadia Hobbs by email or on 01354 693268 or 07908665359 to take part!

Dotty Lottery Latest Results (1st Prize / 2nd Prize)

May 2018 1st Mrs E Paterson 2nd Mrs M Kembrey
April 2018 1st Mrs J Alexander 2nd Mr A Cuthbertson
March 2018 1st Mrs C Burrows 2nd Miss C Page
February  2018 1st Mrs J Petersen 2nd Mr L Dore
January 2018 1st Mrs I Hernandez 2nd Mrs M Gibbs
December 2017 1st Mrs M Kembrey 2nd  Dr G Sutton
November 2017 1st Mr K Williams 2nd Mrs M Cuthbertson
October 2017 1st-  12  Mr S Stratford 2nd- 46  Mr I Page
September 2017 1st-  14  Mr E Paterson 2nd- 32  Mr A Cuthbertson
August 2017 1st-  01  Mrs E Sutton 2nd- 41  Mr L Cutts
July 2017 1st-  44  Mr B Hernandez 2nd- 09  Mrs R Lamb
June 2017 1st-  21  Mrs I Hernandez 2nd- 34  Miss J Wright
May 2017 1st-  10  Mrs S Mackinnon 2nd- 41  Mrs J Peterson
April 2017 1st-  37  Mrs T Stocks 2nd- 03  Mrs L Vockings
March 2017 1st-  04  Mrs C Burrows 2nd- 22  Mrs J Richardson
February 2017 1st-  30  Dr G Sutton 2nd- 17  Mrs J Alexander
January 2017 1st-  19  Mr M Smith 2nd- 2  Ms M Gibbs
December 2016 1st-  11  Mr K Williams 2nd- 32  Mr A Cuthbertson
November 2016 1st-  7  Mrs L Vockings 2nd- 18  Mr P Lamb
October 2016 1st-  34  Mrs J Wright 2nd- 44  Mr R Hernandez
September 2016 1st-  37  Mrs T Stocks 2nd- 41  Mrs J Peterson
August 2016 1st-  20 Mrs M Cuthbertson 2nd- 2   Ms M Gibbs
July 2016 1st-  15 Mr Stevenson 2nd- 17 Mrs Alexander
June 2016 1st-  35 Mr L Dore 2nd- 4 Mrs C Burrows
May 2016 1st-  25 Mrs Grudgings 2nd- 14 Mr E Paterson
April 2016 1st-   1 Mrs E Sutton 2nd- 30 Dr G Sutton