DoTY 2015

Dalmatian of the Year 2015



Dalmatian Bitch of the Year 2015


Dalmatian Puppy of the Year 2015


 Judges Overview

Sidney Bolt. Firstly I would like to thank the committee for allowing me to partner the other two judges at such on auspicious occasion. I would like to congratulate all of the exhibits for qualifying for this event and it was my honour and pleasure to have judged you. Each year I always like to think that the quality of exhibits gets higher and this year was no exception. I was suitably impressed by the demeanour and temperament of the majority of the exhibits.

Each heat was difficult to judge as although some  exhibits were very different from one another the overall quality was still there and with the quality of some of the younger exhibits I can only think the breed in general is in good health. Naturally when in a judging panel of three there are some exhibits you would like to go through to the next heat and do not but that is the very nature of such a competition and does not take away from the quality of those who did progress through the ranks.

I was extremely impressed with the DOTY dog Ch Dvojica Vendetta and Res DOTY Daedalus Cliff Angel who both represent, and what exhibitors should aspire to breed ,as all of what is typical in this wonderful breed for quality of confirmation and most importantly, movement.

Again, quality of puppies in POTY – Puppy Of The Year – was extremely high and the two finalists, POTY Washakie Shoshone Chief and Res POTY Cubalibre On It did not disappoint. Both exhibit the quality that we like to see in youngsters that are maturing nicely of which I would like to presume will both have a very successful future.

Lastly as always, many thanks to the committee for their hard work in organising the competition and following festivities – always such fun, with a little assistance from the alcohol!

Diana Spavin. I was delighted to be invited to be one of the three Judges at this prestigious event, its 21st Anniversary.  A very supportive audience was in attendance a little daunting for a non- breed specialist.

The Committee work well together and from my perspective all went smoothly.  The event is run as three separate competitions with the puppies competing first. The judges are not allowed to confer on their placings and as always decisions can be very close and  inevitably as with all knockout competitions some rounds were much closer than others.

I thought there were some lovely puppies on show though, some need to come together but there was quite a difference in age which always makes a difference in a slow maturing breed.  I loved the  ultimate winner Goff- Leggett’s , Washakie Shoshone Chief  JW a black spotted male with so much potential real male with a lovely head and expression I thought him one of the best movers here  today, he also featured in the Adult Competition so must be  knocking on the door for his title.  A very bright right prospective in my view.

The adult males were next and in general I felt some of the movement wasn’t as good but the winner Dunnachie’s Ch/ Dvojica Vendetta was at the top of his game, well marked with strong  muscular body plenty of bone and good feet excellent quarters used to advantage going away he ended up Best Overall over a very  beautiful Bitch.

Bitches completed the afternoon, and again some of the movement could have been cleaner. I don’t think the carpet helped some  exhibits, ultimately the winner was again a black on top form I  understand she already has two tickets her third cannot be far away.  Petersens’ very feminine, excellent forehand lovely shoulders  top – line and tail set good reach in front and drive going away.  I liked her a lot.

A couple of hours break and a lively bunch attended the dinner and dance that followed which went on till after midnight, all in all a most enjoyable weekend.

Lady Macdonald of Sleat. It was a great honour to be invited to judge Dalmatian of the Year 2015 with Sid Bolt and Diana Spavin. Many thanks to the very  efficient ring stewards and all the committee for making it such a well organised and enjoyable event.  The competition was stiff and sadly some lovely dogs did not make it past the first round. Ideally we could have done with more space to really assess the dog’s movement but we were all delighted with the final winners.
DOTY 2015- Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Vendetta
BOS- Petersens’ Daedalus Cliff Angel JW
BP- Geoff-Leggett’s Washaki Shoshone Chief JW
The dinner and entertainment in the evening was great fun and it was good to catch up with old friends.