Book Recommendations

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Dalmatians Today – Patches Silverstone. Patches examines the origins of the Dalmatian, and focuses on its role as companion dog and show dog.

Living with kids and dogs……without losing your mind – Colleen Pelar. Useful information and simple realistic advice to help ensure that the relationship between kids and their dogs is safe and enjoyable for all.

Train your dog – In Association with APDT, UK. Practical guide from the country’s leading dog training organisation.

101 Doggy Dilemmas – Tony Cruse. Have you wondered “Why did my dog do that?”  In Doggy Dilemmas, you will discover the reasons behind your dogs behaviour.

Total Recall – Pippa Mattinson. Modern reward-based training methods that work.

The Practical Illustrated Guide to Dog Training – Patsy Parry. How to train your dog in 330 step-by-step photographs

Dominance in Dogs Fact or Fiction? – Barry Eaton. Barry Eaton dispels the dominance myth and its insidious rank-reduction program.

The Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson. Understanding the relationship between humans and dogs.

Don’t Shoot the Dog – Karen Pryor. Secrets of using positive reward training to change behaviour in our dogs.

Excel-erated Learning – Pamela J. Reid Ph.D. How dogs learn and how best to teach them.

How dogs Learn – Mary R. Burch, Ph.D. and Jon S. Bailey, Ph.D. Basic principles of behaviour and how to teach your dog new skills.

Canine Body Language A Photographic Guide – Brenda Aloff. Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog.

Complete Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training – Pamela. S. Dennison

Talking dogs scent work the manual – Pam Mackinnon 

Hear, Hear! A guide to training a deaf dog – By Barry Eaton