DoTY 2016

Dalmatian of the Year 2016

Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JWSh.CM 


Dalmatian Dog of the Year 2016

Sophtspot Gold Dust JW 

Dalmatian Puppy of the Year 2016

Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni

Dalmatian Veteran of the Year 2016

Ch Tolutim Drambuie Sh.CM


Judges Overview

Mary Sparks I was thrilled and honoured to have been asked to judge DOTY 2016. So on the morning of Saturday the 28th January my husband and I arrived at the venue in Doncaster, I felt a bit nervous but very excited at the same time, we were greeted by Ann Bliss, Ernie Patterson and Mason Thorne and then shown to a hotel room to freshen up and get changed then taken to another part of the venue out of sight to keep up the surprise of who were the three judges for the event. It was here that I found out that the other judges were breed judge Alan Beeston and all – rounder Tom Mather the welcoming refreshments were also available in the room.
Soon it was time for the main event where we were individually introduced to the spectators and exhibitors. The match began with the veterans which were judged two at time by all three of us culminating in the best veteran next the puppies were judged, followed by a short refreshment break . Then continued the judging of the dogs followed by the bitches and eventually the challenge between the best dog and the best bitch finally the bitch was awarded Dalmatian of the year to much applause and followed by lots of photographs.
The whole event was very well organised and with everyone looking smart men in black suits and bow ties and ladies in smart dresses or trousers and tops, made it a special event. The dogs were of high standard as one would expect at this prestigious event and beautifully presented and handled, it made the judging of some of the pairs quite difficult and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their beautiful Dalmatians. The celebrations continued in the evening with a lovely meal followed by a memento of the day presented to the judges by Rose Lamb and then the evening continued with a disco which I gather went on till the early hours. Lastly l would like to thank all those involved in organising this excellent event and in making me feel so special it was a truly wonderful day and evening and one which I will always remember.

Tom Mather
 I was delighted to be invited to be one of the three judges at the prestigious DOTY event. My co – judges and I were extremely well looked after both prior to the start of judging and during the event itself. Unfortunately, a prior engagement in Sussex on Sunday meant that I was unable to stay and join the evening celebrations but I gather a good time was had by all.
There was a real air of expectation as the competition began. The function room at the Holiday Inn was beautifully decorated and carpeted ring was a good size and enabled all of the Dalmatians the opportunity to show off their assets. A packed ringside watched all of the proceedings and the generous applause for all of the winners added to the jovial atmosphere. The competition started off with Dalmatian Veteran of the Year which attracted 14 contestants. The winner was Mr and Mrs Thorner ’s Ch. Tolutim Drambuie ShCM, very pretty and feminine yet still in good muscular condition with a long easy stride. 20 youngsters competed for the Puppy of the Year title, and I genuinely thought there was some very high quality exhibits present. Eventual winner was the bitch, Mr and Mrs Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni. She must surely have a bright future ahead of her. Adults were divided by sex and Mrs Christie’s young liver dog, Ch Sophspot Gold Dust JW topped the entry. A real stallion with a lovely head and eye, he would be hard to overlook in any company. Bitches were dominated by Mrs Emmett and Mr Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra JW ShCM. I had given her the Group at BUBA in 2014 and was delighted to see her again. As well as being a show dog “ par excellence ” we were later told that she was the dam of the winning puppy so she really is a jewel to treasure. In the final run off the nod went to Reba Mac who was crowned Dalmatian of the Year 2016, congratulations.
In general, I thought the bitches were stronger than the dogs, but in both sexes some great exhibits were knocked out in the first ro und. Most of the Dalmatians were shown in good muscle tone and without exception; all were clean with superb temperaments. My thanks must go to my fellow judges. The stewards, Mrs Anne Bliss, Ernie Patterson and Mason Thorne who ensured the event ran li ke clockwork and the Officers and Committee of the North of England Dalmatian Club for the invitation to judge, their hospitality and for the lovely gift which was presented to me at the end of the afternoon. I did thoroughly enjoy my day.

Alan Beeston I had the great privilege of being invited to be one of the 3 Judges for this prestigious event held at the Holiday Inn, Doncaster. The selection of the Judges is a closely guarded secret only revealed upon introduction to the audience and exhibitors on the day. It was a great honour to Judge such superb exhibits with the quality on display both with adult dogs and puppies demonstrating the overall health and well – being of our breed today. As is usual with an event run on a match basis with 3 Judges, so me outstanding exhibits were drawn against each other in the early rounds. This made our tasks very difficult in having to leave out some excellent dogs however this is the way matches go. All qualifiers were winners in their own right and it was a pleasur e to go over every one of them. The competitions ran smoothly and concurrently without any problems being apparent to the Judges. This is where thanks are really due to the hard work and dedication of all the Officers and Committee members who ensured this was the case. A large audience was also present who gave enthusiastic applause after every round contributing to a most enjoyable afternoon. It was a pleasure to award Dalmatian of the Year 2016 to Elaine Emmett and Craig Simons’ CH DALLIVIRO REB A MAC AT ELLEMSTRA JW SHCM with Reserve and Best Opposite Sex going to Jacquie Christie’s CH SOPHSPOT GOLD DUST JW. Both these gorgeous exhibits represented our Breed at its best in terms of temperament, conformation and movement. Dalmatian Puppy of the Year 2016 was Alan and Margaret Cuthbertson’s ELLEMSTRA LITTLE MIX WITH KALSIDONI who typified the quality which is being exhibited by the Puppies coming through today. A very welcome addition to DOTY for the first time this year was a competition for Dalmatian Veteran of the Year 2016. The first ever well – deserved winner of this was Liesel Thorner’s CH TOLUTIM DRAMBUIE SHCM, at eight and a half years showing no signs of age with super conformation and movement. After all the presentations there was a break of about 2 hours before everyone assembled for a dinner and dance (disco). A most enjoyable evening complimenting what for me, had been a lovely day.