Our day to day Volunteers are:

Adoption Co-ordinator – Liz Vocking  07964 232426 

Re-homing Co-ordinator – Liz Vocking 07941 861654  

Merchandising – Joanne Cairns

Our Charity Trustees are:

Diane Dinsdale (President)

Rose Lamb (Chairperson)

Alan Smithwaite (Vice Chair)

Liz Vockings (Secretary)

Fiona Hartley (Treasurer)

Joanne Cairns


We always need volunteers to do home checks, assessments and transport dogs to and from their new homes.  

Home checks involve visiting a potential adopter to see if their home and circumstances are suitable to have a Dalmatian. 

Assessments require an experienced dog owner, preferably someone that has owned a Dalmatian.  You would be asked to observe the dogs’ temperament and behaviour. It is also helpful to take the dog out for a short walk to assess the dog outside of its home. 

We do have guidelines for volunteers to follow and we would require a report for both assessing dogs and adopters. 

If anyone feels that they are able to volunteer for us then please contact our Secretary.


The North of England Dalmatian Welfare Service needs foster carers. If you think you may be able to offer a temporary home to one of our rescue dogs, pleaseour Adoption Co-ordinator.  07964 232426 

Can You Help?

The day to day running of the charity involves a number of different people who work behind the scenes to help those Dalmatians who through no fault of their own need to find a new home.

Dog Co-ordinator – We have a dedicated phone line that takes calls from people needing to give up their dog/dogs for adoption.  There can be many reasons why and some can be very stressful.  They can range from a relationship breakdown where the dog cannot go with either party possibly due to them going into rented accommodation that does not accommodate pets or, they have started a family and cannot cope with having a Dalmatian and a new-born baby. Usually the dog does not get taken for regular walks, starts to be destructive and the dog has to be re-homed.

We also have desperate situations where people find themselves in financial difficulties or even homeless and can no longer afford to keep their dog. Alternatively, they may have become elderly and having to go into a care home where their dog cannot be accommodated and has to be re-homed.

After taking the call regarding the dog, the co-ordinator will send out a form to be completed before we send our assessors out to assess the dog in and outside of the home environment, to see if we can help to find it a permanent home.

The next role is the Adoption Co-ordinator who also has a dedicated phone line to take calls from people wanting to adopt a dog from us.  Potential adopters are asked to complete a form and one of our assessors will go and visit them in their own home to assess if they can provide an appropriate home for a Dalmatian.

The two co-ordinators liaise throughout to ensure the needs of the dog are matched with the requirements of the adopter- only then if the assessors are confident that they are the ‘right home’, will a dog be placed with them.

Unfortunately, the adoption and dog phone posts are only available to North of England Dalmatian Club members. You will require access to a computer and printer. You will be supported and assisted by our central co-ordinator always and we do have a job description for you to follow and guide you.

Carrying out assessments and home checks.  You will require transport.  We do have guidelines for assessors to follow which outlines what information we require.

Transport dogs. You will require transport with some sort of car crate.

Fostering dogs. Welfare will provide financial support to anyone fostering on our behalf.  Our foster contract is a period of 3 months and can be reviewed at any time.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the North of England Dalmatian Welfare Service, please contact our Adoption Co-ordinator.