Most Dalmatians live long and healthy lives. However, there are certain problems that can arise.

The main issues affecting the breed and potential Dalmatian owners should be aware of before buying a puppy are that of Deafness and Urate Stones.

As there is no way of knowing if a Dalmatian will produce Urate stones, the potential is always there. Monitoring what your Dalmatian eats and allowing frequent urination are ways of helping prevent the formation of these stones. The information available on the right, as well as the links contained within should give you a good background into this condition and the LUA (low uric acid) project.

There are breeders of Dalmatians who do not test for deafness and who will happily sell you a puppy as being a normal Dalmatian puppy, through our code of ethics all members of our club must BAER hearing test all puppies and ensure that only full hearing Dalmatians are used in a breeding program. Please be mindful of this whilst looking at litters as it is often once you have made a bond that you realise there is a problem and that the puppy is deaf. Please read the information on the right as it will give you background into deafness in Dalmatians as well is information on how to live with a deaf Dalmatian.

Unfortunately as with all breeds of dogs there are those who are no longer wanted, as well as those who can no longer be kept, through no fault of their own. If you are considering owning a Dalmatian, please consider rehoming one of these unfortunate Dalmatians and visit our Welfare Site.