The most popular form of canine competition in this country is the dog show – the contest for Kennel Club registered pure-bred dogs, such as those seen at Crufts. The Kennel Club sets a Breed Standard for every breed of dog it recognises, which represents the ideal conformation and characteristics for that breed. At shows the Judge must compare each dog with the Breed Standard to find the dog nearest to that ideal picture of the breed. For points of a dog terminology find more information here; points_of_the_dog.

The Kennel Club website provides some excellent information about showing your dog

If you want to give showing a go it is generally felt the best place to start is with your breeder assuming they show. Obviously not everyone is in this position but it really helps to have a mentor within the breed to help guide you. You need to find a ringcraft club where you can socialise your dog though its best to start when they are a puppy. They will need to be happy in a noisy environment with dogs and people they’ve never met.

We have a list of Open Shows with Dalmatian classes – why not pop along and see them in action if you aren’t sure it’s for you. Just speak to a committee member or those exhibiting and they’ll generally be happy to have a chat.