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Our priority is for the welfare of our beloved breed, and our adoption process is aimed at matching the right dog to the right home.

Is a Dalmatian the right breed for me? A few key words about Dalmatians that spring to mind: big, powerful, active and lively, fun loving, sensitive, outgoing, boisterous, strong minded, willful, vocal and physically very strong (even the girls).

Dalmatians have short coats and shed hair continually throughout the year but are easy to keep clean.  They thrive on human companionship and should not be left for long periods of time.  You will need a fully-enclosed garden to keep your curious Dalmatian safe. They do require a fair amount of exercise to keep them both happy and healthy.

Tell me more about Welfare Dalmatians? Dalmatians who find themselves in welfare generally range between 2 and 10 years old. We very rarely get puppies but do occasionally have the “golden oldies”.

Most dogs come from homes where they are a much loved, valued family member but unfortunately the family circumstances have changed and the dog, through no fault of his/her own, has to be re-homed. This can be due to a relationship breakdown, loss of the family home, change in work patterns, illness or, in some cases, the death of the owner.

All the dogs, like all the adoption homes, are fully checked by an assessor.  You may see a dog on our website who is still awaiting assessment.  The details outlined will be brief but will not be the ‘whole story’ of that particular dog.

Will the dog be spayed or castrated? We do require castration/spaying if not already carried out but would ask you discuss this with your vet first.

Does the dog come with Insurance? Dogs adopted from the North of England Dalmatian Club Welfare Service come with 5 weeks free pet insurance – whatever the age. We highly recommend that you insure your new pet as vets’ bills can be expensive sometimes running into thousands of pounds.  Please take this cost into consideration when assessing the financial aspect of dog ownership.

Is a Welfare Dalmatian right for me? Please be aware that some welfare dogs come with baggage. Training and socialisation issues often the most common.  The dog may have had insufficient exercise, been fed the wrong food, possibly starved or had very little by the way of human companionship/interaction for some time. The dog may be very excitable, boisterous and/or stressed.  All of these issues will need to be dealt with once he/she reaches their new home.

Do you have a minimum age requirement for children? We do not have an age restriction for dogs being adopted where there are children in the family.  However, please be aware that each dog will have its own requirements for the age of children.

Can I adopt if I work? We will consider certain dogs for adoption by full-time workers, however we would ask you make arrangements for someone to visit during the day and let the dog out to “relieve itself”.

I have a puppy and would like a play mate for him/her. Please bear in mind puppies need lots of training and attention.  Adding another dog at this stage may not be ideal.  Therefore we would suggest you contact us again when your puppy is around 18 months of age.

How does the adoption process work? The adoption co-ordinator will take some details over the phone regarding you and any family members. and answer any questions you may have.  You will then be emailed or posted a prospective adoption form for completion.  Once this has been received, we will arrange for an assessor to visit you and any family members in your home. Please note: we require all members of the household to be present during the assessment.

How do I apply to adopt a dog? Once you have been approved for adoption, you are able to express interest in any of the dogs we have available.  Please note: a particular dog may or may not be suitable for your lifestyle. Our two co-ordinators liaise throughout to ensure the needs of the dog are matched with the requirements of the adopter- only then if the assessors are confident that they are the ‘right home’, will a dog be placed with them.

 Where can I find the dogs needing re-homing? Details of our dogs available for adoption can be found here.

I want to know more about the dog online? Our dog co-ordinator will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding a particular dog we have available.

How much is your adoption fee? We do ask for a minimum donation of £180 and ask that this is paid three days prior to you adopting your new dog. In addition you will be required to sign an Adoption Agreement.

Do I need to take my adopted dog to training classes?  We strongly recommend adopters attend a positive reward-based training class.   Details of classes within your area can be obtained from your co-ordinators.

If you are interested in adoption one of our Dalmatians, please complete the form below, or if you prefer you can call our Adoption Co-ordinator on 07964 232426 for a no obligation chat and they will run through the adoption process with you.