Canine Community Code

Registered Charity No 1084382

The community code was initially put together by John Rogerson, world-renowned dog trainer and behaviourist. Please read the following and enjoy public places with your dog. 

Unless you can demonstrate a reliable recall then don’t let your dog off lead. In the event of you or your dog ever falling foul of the law then this is the first thing a court appointed expert on dog behaviour will look at, your ability to call your dog back to you instantly. If you cannot do this, then it means that your dog is out of control. 

Do not allow your dog to approach dogs that are with their owners and under control on the lead. Your own dog may well be friendly, but you should never assume that the dog and owner it is approaching would welcome the approach. The law actually allows the owner of the dog on a lead to take whatever steps are deemed to be necessary to prevent your dog bothering them! 

When walking on public footpaths or pathways you should keep your dog in sight all of the time. Out of sight means out of your controlling influence. If you cannot see the path ahead then your dog should be walking closer to your side or else on the lead. 

Only allow your dog off lead to play with other dogs if the other owners have agreed to this and all owners, including you, can demonstrate good control over their dogs. 

If you carry dog treats in your pocket you should reserve these for your own dog. Feeding other people’s dogs can encourage them to approach and bother others in the expectation of getting food and even encourages some of them to jump up. 

Be polite and put your dog on a lead when you see another person approaching either with or without another dog so that your dog is under control as you pass by. 

Respect the rights of others to use public areas for recreation and never allow your dog to bother others. Train your dog to be under good control both on and off the lead. 

Find out what public areas do not allow dogs and those which impose lead restrictions and abide by these laws and bylaws. 

Take out third party insurance on your dog just in case things go wrong in which case you could end up with a hefty bill. 

Dogs should not pass one another nose to nose! When walking on the lead and passing other dogs always position your dog so that you and the other owner pass the dogs on the outside. 

When walking your dog in town, always position your dog close to the building line when possible with you closest to the centre of the pavement. This allows other pedestrians to pass freely without having to manoeuvre past your dog. 

Please take with you some means of cleaning up after your dog but do not take your dog into a public area in the hope that he will eliminate in public!! Your dog should eliminate in an appropriate place, preferably on your own property before you leave your house!!