Re-Homing Your Dalmatian

Registered Charity No 1084382

Finding your Dalmatian the right home is our top priority!

Our aim is to assist owners to work with their Dalmatians so they can avoid re-homing them if possible. The behaviour of your dog can be improved with positive, reward based training.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to re-home your beloved Dalmatian please rest assured our charity is here to help.  We are compassionate, we don’t judge, and we help make your decision easier by talking through re-homing and updating you after your Dalmatian has been re-homed. We have experienced members on board who are qualified to help re-home dogs even if they present behaviour issues.

Do you re-home dogs with behaviour issues? Yes, if we have a suitable adopter.

Do you place my dog in kennels? We only use kennels if it’s absolutely necessary as this can cause considerable stress to your Dalmatian.  We firmly believe staying in the family home until a suitable home is found, is almost always the best solution for your dog.

Is my dog assessed? All dogs as well as adopters are assessed by one of our experienced volunteers. These are usually members, breeders or friends of the North of England Dalmatian Club.

How much does it cost to re-home my dog? As a charitable organisation we do ask for a small “Giving Up” donation to help us cover the costs of fuel, vet bills, etc. that we encounter on re-homing your dogs. This is not mandatory.

How long does the re-homing process take? We do ask you contact us as soon as possible as the re-homing process can take a number of weeks or months depending on the dogs needs and if we have a suitable adopter waiting.

Do I get to meet the adopters?  Unfortunately, we don’t allow owners to meet adopters.

What if I change my mind?  We understand that re-homing your beloved family pet can be traumatic and upsetting, however please discuss any concerns you have with the co-ordinator and let us know your decision as soon as possible so we can let any waiting adopter know.  This does not affect you contacting us again when you are ready.

Will I receive updates on my Dalmatian? When you hand over your dog to the North of England Dalmatian Welfare, you will be asked to sign a handover contract relinquishing all your rights, at this point your ownership has come to an end.  We endeavour to provide an update upon request for a limited period of up to 1 month, after which we ask you to consider the privacy of the dog’s new owner.

If you need to re-home your Dalmatian, please contact our Re-homing Co-ordinator  and we can discuss this with you.