Critiques for NoEDC Open Show 24/2/24


I would like to thank the North of England Dalmatian Club for the invitation to judge and the hospitality that I received on the day. I extend this thanks to the exhibitors for my outstanding entry and the high quality of dogs which I went over. Thank you to my two stewards Steve Addy and Steve Whiting for keeping me on track and doing a superb job. 

Overall size of dogs is a concern – they seem to be getting larger and tailsets are also getting higher. Both of these mean that the breed is losing the elegance it is suppose to have.  


VETERAN DOG (5, 2ab)
1st Goodwens’ Ch Alphadal’s King Of Angels ShCM VW
B/W 8yr old with appealing head and dark eyes. Good depth of chest, firm topline into correct tailset. Powerful movement. Oozes quality, he just gets better and better. Couldn’t be denied BD and ultimately BIS & BVIS
2nd Neath-Duggan & Bakers’ Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW VW
B/W 8yr old who just didn’t quite have his Showman Hat on today. Another quality veteran with good bone and well muscled. Strong hind quarters which give him good drive but was just out moved by 1st
3rd Marley & Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin ShCM ShCEx VW

BABY PUPPY DOG (2, 1ab) 
1st Stocks’ Dalmark’s Jubilations At Nospar
5.5 month old promising liver. A delight to go over, rock solid for one so young. Nice head, good bone and moved with ease. Delightful personality, he wasn’t phased at all and was just what a puppy should be like. The first ever UK Best Dalmatian Baby Puppy in Show

1st Horscraft’s Manchando’s Sugar Almond
6 month old with rich liver pigment and even spotting. Nice amber eye. Good depth of chest, nicely boned, firm topline, tight feet and just all in proportion. Just needs to firm up on the movement but a very promising puppy who I will watch with interest. 
2nd Wootton’s & Gardinor’s Hebemor Adonis Blue By Dakata 
Heavily Spotted B/W 6.5 month old. Still very much a baby and was playful on the move. Nice topline but does have a tendency to carry tail high. Great personality and enjoying his time in the ring. 
3rd Claesen’s Dalstorm Just Jiving

PUPPY DOG (6, 1ab)
1st Watt’s & Jackson’s Jaxsondal Rocket Man
11 month old evenly spotted L/W. Masculine head with lovely ear set, well off for bone, nice topline with good spring of rib. Well muscled for one so young, good second thigh with nice bend of stifle. Moved with reach and drive. BPD, but was feeling the effects of his busy day in the challenge. 
2nd Dinsdale’s Dotlun Apache Running Bear
10 month L/W. Attractive head and good ear set. Chest developing well, good spring of rib and powerful hind quarters. He moves with purpose. Nice cat feet and lovely bend of stifle. All in all a lovely in proportion puppy. 
3rd Horscraft’s Manchando’s Sugar Almond

JUNIOR DOG (4, 1ab)
1st Barrett’s Dalamanti Duke’s Legend
13 month old L/W who I fell in love with. He has the kindest expression and a nicely proportioned head with good neck. Strong front pasterns into tight feet. Such a lovely balanced dog with good reach and drive. Well muscled throughout with good tail set. Just lost out in the challenge to maturity. I was delighted to hear this was his final point for his JW award
2nd Wright’s Millbelle Thunderfire
13 month old L/W with correct skull to muzzle ratios. Rich pigmentation, good neck into a firm topline and correct tail set. Well off for muscle and bone. Had to split hairs here but was just beaten on movement. 
3rd Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Blue Gemstone

MAIDEN DOG (6, 2ab)
1st Dinsdale’s Dotlun Apache Running Bear
As 2nd in Puppy, but he was much more relaxed on the move here which won him the class. 
2nd Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Blue Gemstone
B/W 16 month old. Well up to size, lovely head with good ear set. Strong neck, overall well boned and muscled. Such a happy showman and at one with his handler. Slightly playful on the move but this just adds to his character. Delightful personality 
3rd Moss’ Sadiedel Let Ur Heart Decide

NOVICE DOG (3, 1ab)
1st Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Blue Gemstone
As 2nd in Maiden, but he pulled himself together here! Happy to hear this was his final point for his JW award. 
2nd French’s Tamilanda Instant Envy JW
2yr B/W strong male with deep pigmentation. Well up to size, well boned and muscled. Moved with good reach and drive, lovely partnership developing with his handler. I will watch their progress with interest. 
3rd Moss’ Sadiedel Let Ur Heart Decide

1st Barrett’s Dalamanti Duke’s Legend
As 1st in Junior
2nd Graham-Weall’s Steyndal Moon Stone Among Phidgity
B/W 2.5yr old who’s maturing nicely. Evenly spotted, well schooled happy showman. Nice head, well proportioned and balanced throughout. Moved with purpose whilst keeping his firm topline, at one with handler. 
3rd Pilgrim’s Nospar’s Drambuie JW

1st Wootton’s Tolkain Caliban
B/W who I’ve judged before as a youngster. Slowly maturing, appealing head, good chest leading to strong forearms and tight feet. Good spring of rib, nice bend of stifle. Firm topline into a strong rear. A bit enthusiastic on the move. 
2nd French’s Tamilanda Instant Envy
As 2nd in Novice 

LIMIT DOG (8, 1ab)
1st Johnson’s Dvojica Evergreen
B/W masculine boy, strong throughout and well muscled. Good depth of chest, good spring of rib with good strong hind quarters. Correct tail set. Moved with a good length of stride, at one with his handler. 
2nd Robbins & Hensman’s Jasquarella Edge Of Winter At Palouse
B/W with correct muzzle and skull ratios. Strong neck into good depth of chest and firm topline. Nice tight cat feet, has tendency to carry tail high which slightly spoils his outline on the move. 
3rd Wright’s Millbelle Crazy Horse JW

OPEN DOG (8, 1ab)
1st Green & Sears’ Alphadal Aint Misbehaving At Judally JW
L/W who I judged as a youngster. Correctly proportioned head with a strong neck. Deep chest, tight feet, good spring of rib, good second thigh and good bend of stifle. Moved with purpose and drive. RBD & RBIS
2nd Whincup’s Tamilanda Air Force One
Deeply pigmented B/W, well muscled, handsome boy. Well proportioned, and all round nice shape. Firm topline, good second thigh and tight cat feet. Moves with purpose. Quality male who was unlucky to meet 1stwho was on form. 
3rd  Moate’s Sundowndal Trijonkuro

1st Jenkins’ & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Kisses 
B/W 8.5yr old who oozes character. Appealing head with nice spotting on a crisp white coat. Nice spring of rib, good bend of stifle, correct tail set with a tail that never stops wagging. Moves with confidence and finesse. BVB
2nd Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW
B/W 7yr old with nicely proportioned head. Nicely spotted with well broken ears. Good depth of chest into a nice tuck up. Good bend of stifle and moved out well. 
3rd Noble’s Ire Vet Ch Shulune Celtic Snapdragon Of Ruebedu

No Entries

1st Stocks’ Sophtspot Sparkler At Nospar
8 month old B/W lovely compact puppy. So much to like. Appealing head, evenly spotted with dark pigmentation. Stood four square with tight cat feet. Oozing confidence and moves at one with handler. Will watch her progress with interest
2nd Sampson’s Dalstorm Just Waltzing
L/W 6 month old at her first show. Nice amber eye, well off for bone, nicely broken ears. Confident puppy, wasn’t phased at all by proceedings. Good profile on the move, just a little enthusiastic at times
3rd Robbins & Hensman’s Salvadorada Jalapeño Girl

1st Phillip & Dunnachie’s Dvojica Filthy Gorgeous
B/W 10 month old. Lovely feminine head into elegant neck and good topline. Nicely spotted with good spring of rib. Second thigh developing well and very pleasing on the move. So well schooled, at one with handler. BPB and didn’t put a foot wrong in the challenge. Happy to award her BPIS
2nd Valentine’s Dvojica Fizzy Pop
B/W litter sister to 1. Slightly longer cast, appealing head with well broken ears. Nicely decorated, stood four square. Moved with purpose and drive, these two could change places at any time. 
3rd Watts & Jackson’s Jaxsondal Blushing Akito 

JUNIOR BTCH (14, 3ab)
1st Burrows’ Shacarlu Bee Happy
B/W 15 month old pocket rocket. Nice head with cheeky expression, she just oozes character and personality. Good depth of chest into well defined tuck up. Tight cat feet, good bend of stifle, correct tail set. Moves with purpose and drive, makes her handler work. Eye-catching, just demanded that I look at her in the challenge so couldn’t be denied BB & BOS 
2nd Locke-McFadzean & Lopes’ Fortuna Phoenixx Rising Over Sassafras (IMP USA)
13 month old B/W with the darkest pigment. There is nothing to dislike about her, just loved her head which goes to an elegant neck and nice topline. Developing nicely, powers from the rear when moving. Unfortunate to come against 1st on the day 
3rd Fellows’ Steyndal Princess Of Wales

MAIDEN BTCH (6, 2ab)
1st O’Shea Winter Snowdrop
B/W 15 month old who was unplaced in Junior but pulled out all the stops in this class. Correct skull muzzle ratios, nice dark pigment, correct size, nice spring of rib into good tuckup. Powerful hind quarters and good tail set. 
2nd Sampson’s Dalstorm Just So Salsa
6 month old richly coloured L/W at her first show. Appealing inquisitive eyes of a lovely amber colour. Well off for bone, another nice confident puppy from this breeder. A little ambitious on the move but her time should come
3rd Foster’s Dallyador White Myrtle

NOVICE BTCH (8, 5ab)
1st Stevenson’s Dallyador White Snowflake At Macula
B/W 14 month old who placed RES in Junior but a lot more settled here. Pretty feminine head with dark eyes and good ear set. Nicely spotted, elegant neck into a nice topline. Good tailset with an elegantly muscled balanced frame. When relaxed she moved out well. 
2nd Stocks’ Sophtspot Sparkler At Nospar
As 1st in Minor Puppy 
3rd Robbins & Hensman’s Salvadorada Honolulu Honey At Palouse 

1st Collier’s Kallierbelle Bluebelle
B/W showgirl who was expertly handled. Feminine head with well broken ears. Strong neck into well defined withers and deep chest. Tight cat feet with short nails. Correct tailset with a well developed second thigh. Moved with drive and purpose, just needs to slow down at times 
2nd Neath-Duggan & Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel With Buffrey JW
Crisp L/W shown in top condition. Cheeky expression, good neck into firm topline. Nice tight cat feet, well muscled frame with correct tailset. Moves with reach and drive with an added ounce of naughtiness. Makes her handler work hard. 
3rd Jenkins & Ridgway’s Luccombe Strawberry Ripple

1st Noble’s Ruebedu Ace Of Spades
B/W, another with a cheeky expression and great personality. Lovely feminine head with elegant neck into a strong topline. Well muscled rear quarters. Stood four square, looks like she’s just waiting to be naughty and have fun! Elegantly moves, at one with her handler. 
2nd Townson & Pardoe’s Sophtspot Phantasia For Daymadals
Heavily spotted B/W with deep pigmentation. Correct skull muzzle ratios, good spring of rib. Nice bend of stifle. Moved well for her young handler 
3rd Ward’s Frankish Tete A Tete

LIMIT BTCH (9, 1ab) 
1st Alexander’s Offordale Santtini
B/W quality btch, with stunning head and nicely broken ears. Good depth of chest and tight cat feet. Good spring of rib with a well defined hind quarters. Correct tailset. Moved with elegance, purpose and drive. RBB
2nd Whincup’s Tamilanda Instant Star JW
B/W, another classy btch who was unlucky to meet 1. Elegant through and through, correct front, good firm topline and well muscled hind quarters. Very attentive with handler, dog and handler so light on their feet while moving with purpose and drive. 
3rd Davies’ Tamilanda Continental Boom

OPEN BTCH (7, 1ab)
1st Burrows’ Ellemstra Tough Cookie At Shacarlu
B/W with correct muzzle skull ratio. Good strong neck, into a firm chest. Good cat feet, nice bend of stifle, nice length of tail. Moves with elegance, reach and drive. Such a showgirl 
2nd Finlay’s Dvojica Excuse My French At Dalfin JW
B/W feminine btch, correct skull and muzzle ratios with good width of skull. Elegant neck, well developed chest and good tight feet. Well defined tuck up with powerful hind quarters. Moved at one with handler, with good reach and drive. Outshined by 1 on the day
3rd Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Ragdoll


Kenny Williams