A number of Dalmatians now compete regularly at Agility events throughout the year. Competitions are held most weekends throughout the year and summer shows often run over a few days where competitors can camp onsite.

To be very basic about it the dogs have to jump over, go through or climb on various types of obstacles – jumps, weaves, tunnels, dog-walks, A-frames etc. They need to be healthy as there’s lots of running. Finding a club to train with is the best way to get the most out of your dog – its more difficult than it looks but very addicitve once you get the hang of it.

Dogs of all breeds are measured (check with the governing bodies as UKA & KC have different rules) and they compete against their own size over appropriate sized obstacles in Grades from 1 to 7. Handlers and dogs competing for the first time start in Nursery or Grade 1 and can progress to the next grade either by wins and going up or by gaining a set number of points and the handler choosing to progress to the next level. Agility classes are those that include contact equipment such as the dog walk and jumping classes are those without. Often there are fun classes too especially at Fun Shows.

There are two types of Agility Competions UKA (UK Agility) and KC (Kennel Club) each governing body has their own rules, follow the links for more information on each.

Agility is a huge sport that cant be fully explained on a page on our website – for the best indepth information follow the links we’ve provided.