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To add your litter to the Puppy List, please complete the application form below. In order for the Puppy List to be effective, it is most important that you advise the coordinator when all your puppies have been sold. Members of the public find it very frustrating to be given Members’ details, only to find that all the puppies have been sold already.

  • Joint Dalmatian Club’s Litter Registration Form
Important Notice.

Breeders & Puppy buyers beware; we are seeing an increase in interest for dalmatian puppies throughout the period of Covid19 pandemic. Breeders please be extra scrupulous when choosing homes for your puppies, after Covid19 restrictions are relaxed welfare are expecting an influx in unwanted pets when people go back to work. Puppy buyers also beware with the increase in demand unfortunately back street breeders are also taking advantage and profiteering from the situation, you should really not be paying much over £1000 for a puppy. Hearing testing centres are open for business as is the kennel club for registrations so please do not be led to believe otherwise. Choose your breeder very wisely in these times!