Summer Open Show Critique

North of England Dalmatian Club, Summer Open Show, Sunday 30th July 2023

Venue held in conjunction with Leeds Championship Show, Harewood House, Leeds, LS17 9LG

Judge Miss A Cobb (Kalokairie)

Entries 89 / 114


Thank you to the Members for voting for me and to the exhibitors who supported by entering .
Sincere thanks to the committee for a warm welcome , a professional set up and support on the day.
Thank you to the stewards for outstanding organisation , ensuring the ring ran smoothly .

The conditions were very challenging and I am grateful to everyone who stayed and braved the cold.

Class 1 – Veteran Dog (2)

Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW .

8 year old, Quality male , striking bold black spots on the whitest of coats , shown in absolute top condition. A real showman displaying an outgoing exuberant nature who was bombproof on the day given the testing conditions , he gave his all for his handler .
Flat skull, well set ears , framing an elegant yet masculine head . Level topline line held perfectly on the move, tail set & carried correctly making for a very pleasing outline . Rib cage deep & capacious , ribs well sprung , nice tuck up and tight elbows .Tight cat feet , pasterns correct – not upright at all . Slightly shorter in loin than 2 but displayed a good amount of drive and moved with ease around the ring at one with his handler .
Pleased to award him Best Veteran in Show .

2 . Marley’s Bellili’s D’amore De Loin Shcex Vw

Another quality black spotted exhibit not looking his age , shown in good hard condition, with an outgoing nature & handled professionally .
The deepest of pigment with clear bold. Spotting , not over done in anyway. Moved well around the ring , pushing 1 hard .
Flat skull , attractive masculine head framed by heavily marked ears , a dark eye & has a kind expression .Elegant reach of neck set into well laid shoulders , prefer the topline & tail set of 1 . But a good honest dog, well balanced front and rear with a good bend of stifle & strong correct hocks .

Class 2 – Minor Puppy Dog (5)

Wilkins , Salvadorada Heads will Roll
8 month old , liver spotted boy who is very mature for his age . Well off for bone , a strong type with lots of potential. Deep liver pigmentation with even decoration who paints a good outline. Good front and rear angulation , level topline & well set tail. stronger in type than 2 yet still retains elegance . Moved out well for his age & showed an exuberant nature , enjoying his day out. would prefer a darker eye, but this is likely to come with age.

2. Wright’s Millbelle Thunderfire ,
Quality , very promising puppy who was just six months old .
Flat skull , ears set correctly & nicely marked , framing a handsome head . Moderate amount of stop and correct amber eye with scissor bite .Good amount of bone, smaller in type than 1 and less mature , but moved out with a good stride . Looking forward to seeing this baby develop .

3. Barrett’s Dalamanti Dukes Legend

Class 3 – Puppy Dog (6)

Wilkins , Salvadorada Heads will Roll (previous class winner)

2 . Cuthbertson’s Kalsidoni Blue GemStone
9 month old & Another puppy with allot of substance and maturity for his age. Paints a nice picture , which would benefit from more spring of rib that should come with age.
The deepest of black pigment with striking markings ,not in as good coat condition as 1. Beatiful head Plainer face , dark eyes and full eye rims . Moved quite well , but this puppy showed well focussing on his handler , perhaps focussing too much on the move . Used his ears well not put off by the conditions

3.Barrett’s Dalamanti Dukes Legend

Class 4 – Junior (5)

1.Neath – Duggen’s Chive Talking with Dalleaf .
Smart 13 month old male , heavily marked with the deepest of pigment .His markings could make an optical illusion but this youngster was very nice to go over . A beautiful head as it should be in a Dalmatian, flat skull, well set ears of correct size , heavily marked framing a elegant yet masculine head . Was presented In good condition, displaying an outgoing nature & steady on the move. Balanced front and rear angulation , good bend of stifle and strong hocks . Good width of chest , tight elbows , in line with deep capacious rib cage . Moved the best in his class fore and aft . (Best Junior)

2. Tavill’s Bel Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica
14 month old Black spotted boy , smaller markings with a ghost face paints a different picture to 1 , but is equally as well balanced & in proportion . Preferred the coat condition & body of 1 .
Good width of skull ,correct length of muzzle & scissor bite. would prefer more stop . Wider in front than 1 with ample forechest, elbows tight with good amount of bone for his type. Well balanced front & rear angulation, level topline & strong loin. Would like more spring of rib, which could come with age .
Good bend of stifle & strong hocks , used correctly on the move .

3. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream

Class 5 – Maiden Dog (3)

1. Barrett’s – Dalamanti Dukes Legend
A well constructed puppy with lots of promise . At just 6 months of age at his first show he lacked maturity in previous classes , he seemed to get better in the later classes & moved the best in this class. The deepest of liver pigment, Gentle expression , correct amber eye colour and bite. Good front and rear angulation , tight cat feet and moderate bone for his type .

2 . Newton’s , What you see if what you get passion about you for Chizzmic (imp Bel)
This puppy filled my eye , lovely make and shape with bold black spots on a white dense coat that was in perfect condition . Gave it away in previous class , constant pacing around the ring which I hope with time & training he grows out of. Outgoing & exhuberant nature he went much better in this class , showing some reach and drive but still needed to settle. Well bodied , quite good front assembly, leading down to round bone good spring of pastern & tight feet. Well laid shoulders onto level topline , tail set just off the croup of correct length and never stopped wagging – one to watch once schooled but outdone by 1 on the move today.

3.Quigley’s , Dalkiss Paperback Writer

Class 6 – Novice Dog (3)

1.Barrett’s Dalamanti Dukes Legend – previous class winner

2. Whitton’s Thearrix One Thing Only
Liver spotted boy of correct height , shorter in loin than 1 and not as well balanced in front and rear angulation . Handsome head , broad flat skull , moderate stop , muzzle of correct length and depth . Ears correctly set , well broken and well used giving an alert expression. Good round bone and tight feet , level topline , nice spring of rib & good bend of stifle. Moved quite well with drive .

3. Quigley’s , Dalkiss Paperback Writer

Class 7 – Graduate Dog (7)

1 . Tavill’s Bel Puntinato Ballante Virtual Vision Vortex in Tockica (2nd junior dog)

2 Dawson’s Washakie Sun Warrior
Elegant 4 year old male who paints an attractive picture on the stand . Bold black even spots on the whitest of coats . The most beautiful correct head typical of a dalmatian, lacking in many .
Flat skull , moderate stop, muzzle clean and correct length with full black nose & scissor bite. The darkest eye , well set ears slightly broken framing the head which holds a kind expression.
Long & elegant reach of neck leads down to well laid shoulders and level topline.
Moderate front angulation , good amount of round bone leading to tour cat feet.
Good depth of rib, tight elbows , nice tuck up and spring of rib, Moved ok on the uneven ground .

3. Kembrey’s Dalmark Rythm & Blues

Class 8 – Post Graduate (4)

1.Whitton’s Thearrix One Thing Only (2nd in Novice dog)

2.Williamson’s Decoda’s Captain Tom
Liver spotted male who is full up for size but has lots of quality and thus kept taking my eye. A different type to 1 , rangier & longer in loin than 1 . Although better in angulation than 1, he needs to tighten in elbow .
Flat skull , ears correctly set , of good size used well, with patch . This dog has the most elegant & beautiful heads lacking in many of the exhibits presented today.
Correct amber eye , moderate amount of stop, good length of muzzle , clean with scissor bite and full nose pigment . The best reach of neck in the whole of the dogs judged today , flowed onto well laid shoulders and level topline . Front assembly good , Good round bone flowing to the tightest of cat feet, would prefer more spring of pastern . Well angulated rear with a good bend of stifle leading to strong hocks , impressive for his size and age . Better tail set than 1 , would like to see him use this more positively .

3. Robbin’s Jasquarella Edge of Winter at Palouse

Class 9 – Limit Dog (5)

1. Barrett’s Dalamanti Ceaser’s Palace
A quality exhibit who went well for his handler.
Heavily marked black spotted dog with stunning jet black pigment in good hard condition , with a covering of secondary spots, while not to be bred for, do not detract from the quality of this dog .
A very elegant male of correct size and good proportions . Good width of skull with ears of correct size and set well framing an elegant head which has the darkest of eyes and holds a gentle expression .
Beautiful reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders with a level topline . Front angulation good with good length of upper arm , tightly knit elbows , round bone , good pasterns and tight cat feet. Nice spring of rib and strong loin . Would prefer a higher set tail but tapers nicely is of correct length & has proper carriage on the move. A good bend of stifle , nice second thigh , strong well let down hocks complete the picture.
Moved so true fore and aft , tracking up nicely . In the challenge he moved effortlessly around the ring to the point no dog could touch him making him the obvious choice for
Best in Show & Best Bred by Exhibit in Show !

2.Johnson’s Dvojica Evergreen
A top quality dog , more substantial than 1 . Beautiful decoration of black bold spots on a clean white coat with a good outline painted a perfect picture. Presented in good hard condition . A cleaner coat than 1 and my personal preference in size and shape , however his movement wasn’t that of 1’s today. Flat skull , good width, correct in length of muzzle , a ghost face with full pigment nose, a dark eye and full rims. Ears of correct size & well broken . Clean neck flows into well laid shoulders , strong round bone and tight feet. A level topline which he held on the move , longer in loin than 1 but strong, a perfectly set tail, of correct length. Wagging constantly displaying his exuberant character , showing well for his handler . Moved well fore and aft , using his strong hocks , driving from the rear

3.Kembrey’s O Malley Des Dalmats De La Pierre Sacree at Dalmark (Best Liver Dog)

Class 10 – Open dog (2)

1. Wright’s Millibelle Crazy Horse JW
An exhuberant & elegant black spotted male outgoing in nature & professionally handled .
The deepest black spots , bold & evenly marked . With clean white dense coat , he was presented in good condition . Less muscled than 2 but sufficient for his type .
Flat skull , ears of correct size and set well . Full pigmented nose & eye rims with a nice dark eye . Clean neck with well laid shoulders , a good amount of bone for his stature and tight cat feet . A firm level topline which he held on the move, his tail coming straight off the croup of correct length and held beautifully . Added to this picture a nice spring of rib , a good bend of stifle and strong hocks which he used to Power around the ring . Pleased to award Reserve Best Dog .

2. Handyside’s Dalstorm Future Formula
Quality , Strong male , well off for bone . Different type to 1 , not as elegant & more muscled but well balanced and presented in good hard condition . Striking spotting , excelled in movememt on side profile with reach and drive .
Strong masculine head, well set ears of correct size & shape that are well broken and used to show is alert character .
Well laid shoulders , tight cat feet, excellent spring of rib, strong loin and well developed second thigh . Well handled and pushed 1 hard.

Class 11 – Veteran Bitch (7)

A very strong class of quality bitches, varying in type. Displaying sound movement and in great condition .
Nice to see some in the line up showing the energy levels of a youngster.

1.Morgan’s Winflash Olympic Star 11 year old , top quality beautiful black spotted Bitch. Elegant , well balanced & feminine.
Flat skull with correct proportions, moderate stop , muzzle of correct length, clean with scissor bite. A kind but alert expression with dark eye . A plainly spotted face framed by well set , nicely marked ears . Ample reach of neck flows down to well laid shoulders , with correct length of upper arm, good front assembly, straight legs and tight cat feet. Elbows tightly knit , good depth of chest, level topline , good bend of stifle and strong hocks. Moved with reach and drive holding the topline as she powered around the ring . One of the best movers of the day with qualities so deserving of a champion . (Best Veteran Bitch)

2 .Lamb’s Ch Dalpetro Diamond JW 7 year old, quality black spotted Bitch in good hard condition . Younger than 1 & and in better coat , preferred front assembly in 1 . Feminine head, flat skull of good proportions , dark eye & pretty expression . Ears nicely marked, used well and set correctly making for a beatiful picture .
Deep black pigment , elegant neck , elbows tightly knitted , with deep rib cage , good round bone & tight feet.
Level topline , held perfectly on the move with strong loin. Tail set correctly flowing off the croup, tapering nicely & used to full advantage . Good bend of stifle , strong hocks , tracked up nicely & moved with reach and drive

3. Nobles IRE VET CH Shulune Celtic Snapdragon of Ruebedu

Class 12 – Minor Puppy Bitch (9)

A very strong class, where I wish I had more cards and on another occasion will all change places , but today I was very pleased with my class winner who went onto win BPIS .

1.Tingey’s Dallyador White Magnolia Loved this puppy , who took my eye early on .
Elegant head , lovely liver spotty face with a soft expression. Flat skull of Correct proportions with good length of muzzle. Amber eye and full nose , ears well set, of correct size , framing a very pretty and feminine head. Ample reach of neck into well laid shoulders, straight legs,and tight feet.Nice spring of rib for age , longer cast than 1 but has strength and balance .
Would prefer tail set higher on the croup, but is of correct length and tapers nicely to to the tip. Excelled on the move tracking like a bell . When the handler allowed a loose lead , she dropped her head & changed gears , moving with reach and drive , holding her topline as she went . Pleased to award her Best Puppy in Show .

2. Robbin’s Salvadorada Honolulu Honey Another quality liver spotted puppy, who makes a lovely outline . Small even spots on a clean white dense coat , a different type to 1 , but equally as feminine . A Pretty head with alert expression , dark amber eye and scissor bite . Good front and rear angulation , good amount of bone for type, good bend of stifle and moved quite steadily around the ring showing exhuberance lacking in some today due to the weather conditions .

3. Salvadorada Honestly Maybe

Class 13 – Puppy Bitch (4)

1. Wilkin’s Salvadorada Honestly Maybe (3rd in previous class). 8 month old, substantial liver Bitch who went soundly around the ring . Flat skull with moderate amount of stop , amber eye and correct bite . Happy and outgoing nature , showing considerably well while other youngsters found the conditions too testing. Well balanced , nice spring of rib, level topline & good feet, moved soundly , would prefer more elegance.

2. Wilkin’s Salvadorada Hopes N Dreams
Not as happy and outgoing as 1 which impacted performance and placings today . Beautiful make and shape with the deepest black bold spots painted evenly on a clean white coat . Quite a strong head and ghost face , with a full pigmented black nose and correct scissor bite . Good reach of neck flows into well laid shoulders, level topline & tail just off the croup is of correct length. Good length of upper arm and well angled front leads down to straight legs with good round bone and tight feet. More spring of rib to come , but adequate for age . Good bend of stifle and strong hocks.

3. Barne’s , Steyndal Baroness

Class 14 – Junior Bitch (2)

1. Jenkins , Luccomb Strawberry Ripple Quality , 15 month old feminine liver girl. A pretty head of good proportions, moderate amount of stop & correct length of muzzle . Ears set well tapering nicely and framing a beautiful head , with amber eye and alert expression . An elegant reach of neck leads into well laid shoulders and Level topline. Good front assembly , nice forechest and tight elbows . Straight legs , round bone and tight feet . Correct Tail carriage, well angulated rear with good depth of thigh and bend of stifle completes the picture . Moved soundly , one to watch as she matures .

2. Chance & Dodd’s DOTLUN Head over Heels , Quality 16 month old Liver, with a feminine spotty face . Smaller in type to 1 but well balanced with the deepest liver pigment . Flat skull framed by heavily marked ears of correct size with correct length and depth of muzzle & full nose pigment . Elegant long reach of neck, good front assembly , tightly knit elbows, good depth of chest and spring of ring . Level topline & good bend of stifle. Tail of correct length which tapers nicely , would prefer it set higher . Moved ok but needed to settle in the terrible conditions , which were off putting for the youngsters . Needs time to show off the full potential .

Class 15 – Maiden Bitch (0)

Class 16 – Novice Bitch (2)

1. Brook’s , Jemblewood Jelly Baby 22 months , black spotted quality Bitch , who never stopped wagging . Outgoing showgirl presented in good hard condition . A beautiful head of correct proportions with a gentle expression. plainer in face with a full black nose , dark eye , correct length and depth of muzzle & scissor bite . Beautiful bold black markings on a dense white coat , Good reach of neck , well balanced over all , elbows tight round bone, correct pasterns and tight feet. Good depth of chest & spring of rib . Hocks strong and used well to drive around the ring .

2. Quigley’s Malbreow Twinkling Star 6 year old nicely made bitch presented in good condition not as settled as 1 . Deep pigmented black spots on the whitest of coats . Flat skull with nicely marked ears of correct size framing a pretty face , not as feminine as 1 . Well balanced front and rear , good round bone and tight cat feet . Shorter in back than 1 with a similar tail set . A good bend of stifle and second thigh . Preferred the outline of 1 .

Class 17 – Graduate Bitch (11)

1. Vockings , Bellhound Tipple at Portunes JW

Coming up to 2 Years Old , Feminine Liver Bitch . Quite long cast but is balanced and was a delight to go over . A very pleasing head with a beautful expression and correct amber eye . Flat skull with correctly set ears framing a head of good proportions, clean muzzle & scissor bite . An elegant neck with good reach leads to well laid shoulders and level topline which was held on the move . Good front assembly with elbows tightly knit , straight legs & good amount of bone for her type . A nice spring of rib & strong loin. Tail set could be higher but of correct length, tapering nicely and used to show exuberance . Tracked perfectly fore and aft and excelled as she glided around the ring effortlessly with reach and drive . Even in testing conditions this Bitch was not unsettled in anyway , the more she went the better she got.

Reserve Best in Show
Best Opposite Sex in Show and Best Liver Bitch

2.Jenkins Luccombe Strawberry Ripple (winner of Junior Bitch)

3. Noble’s Ruebedu Ace of Spades

Class 18 – Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Stock’s , Nospar’s Gin & Tonic
18 month old quality liver , looking mature for her age who commanded attention with her ring presence . Feminine Bitch with superb rich pigment. Beautiful head typical of a dalmatian with pretty spotting on Muzzle , full pigment nose & ears well set . Correct amber eye & scissor bite . An elegant , long reach of neck flows into well laid shoulders with good front assembly . Round bone leads to correct pasterns & cat feet . Tight elbows in line with deep rib cage with good spring of rib. Level topline & good rear angulation with well let down strong hocks . Tail of correct length, never stopped wagging , would prefer better carriage on the move , but held nicely on the stand. Moved with reach and drive .

2.Newton’s Cotterspot Nidderdale Lady of Chizzmic , 2year black spotted Bitch , well balanced but doesn’t have the angles of 1 .
The deepest black pigment on a clean white coat , feminine all over with very pretty face .
Flat skull with good proportions and correct length & depth of muzzle with full black nose . Well set heavily marked ears were used to give an alert expression . Good reach of neck , well balanced , good bone for size . Level topline , good bend of stifle and strong hocks .
Tail of correct length & better carriage , than 1 but didn’t move as positively .

3. Haywood – Ridgeway’s Luccombe Strawberry Fizz

Class 19 – Limit Bitch (7)

1.Lamb’s Dalpetro Dotty JW 2 year old qualify black spotted Bitch , Feminine & paints a perfect picture with balance & bold even decoration . A beautful head and expression , flat skull with moderate stop & correct muzzle . The darkest of eye’s and Correct scissor bite.
Good reach of neck , well laid shoulders & level topline . Good round bone and good feet , nice spring of rib , good bend of stifle and strong hocks . Shorter in loin than 2 , and not the same front angulation but moved well and prefferd the over all picture of 1 today .
(Best Black Bitch)

2. Barrett’s Dalamanti Hidden Glory Another quality black spotted Bitch , who could easily change places with 1 on another day . 3 year old , full of elegance , with superb pigment . Pretty head of correct proportions , ear set correctly on flat skull with good clean muzzle . A beautifully arched elegant neck leads to well laid shoulders and Correct length of upper arm . Good round bone, straight legs, good width of chest and tight cat feet. Nice spring of rib, good bend of stifle & strong hocks . Would prefer a higher tail set, but used to full advantage , is of correct length and tapers nicely . Moved well in all directions .

3. Morgan’s Malbreow Wish Upon a Star

Class 20 – Open Bitch (3)

1. Finlay’s , Dvojica Excuse my French at Dalfin JW
Classy black spotted Bitch , outgoing in nature and shown to perfection . A beautiful head of good proportions with moderate amount of stop. Correct size ears set well framing a pretty face with full pigmented nose and correct bite. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and level topline . Well balanced in front and rear , good amount of bone for size .
Well set tail coming just off the croup , of correct length & carried well. Moved with reach and drive .

2. Stock’s Pandamax Lady Martini to Nospar JW 5 year old black spotted Bitch , a different type to 1 but equally as feminine . A smaller head than 1 but of good proportions , heavily marked ears flat skull & moderate stop. Good length and depth of muzzle & dark eye. Good reach of neck, balanced in angulation , with good bone for size & tight feet . Even bold spots and nice make and shape , longer cast than 1 , Moved well around the ring .

3. Kaal’s Dallydyl Dream of Manderley To Olbero

Class 21 – Brace (1)

Addis with Lilibetijou Team ,
Black spotted pair, having fun taking 2 laps around the ring with high energy and exuberance .